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Farmers face major constraints in the process of increasing agricultural productivity. One of the major diffculties being inadequacy of power and machinery. The average electricity that is available to a farm needs to be increased. Currently, it is around 1.43 kW/hectare, and it needs to go up at least to 2 kW/hectare. High availability of electricity will assure timeliness and quality in field operations, undertake heavy field operations like sub-soiling, chiseling and ploughing. Apart from power, adequate agricultural mechanization infrastructure is necessary to complete agricultural operations.


More than 80 per cent of the operational land holdings are either marginal (less than one hectare), small (between one or two hectare) or semi-medium (between two and four hectare) in size. The ability of a such farmers of smaller farmers to spend money for machienary. These farmers cannot own expensive farm power units and machinery


To support farmers who cannot make one-time investments for expensive machinery, Mahindra provised facilities to custom hire at the Mahindra Samriddhi centres.


Smaller farmers can now use advanced machines like combine harvester, transplantors, residue management, crop care solutions, planting and sowing machinery and many more. Use of high-end farm equipment improves timeliness of operations, increases land productivity and increases economic returns. This can lead to an improvement in living standards of farmers.


Along with farm implements for hire, Mahindra Samriddhi also offers agricultural services and solutions to improve productivity levels of farms. Farm technology prosperity will increase the crop yield and decrease in cultivation costs.

1) Farmer Selection: Farmers will be selected based on the size of the land holdings. Small and

    Marginal farmers will be given preference.

2) Services Offered: Farmers can avail the following services

               a)      End to End Mechanization Solutions – Rice

            b)      End to End Mechanization Solutions – Sugarcane

End to End Mechanization Solutions – Rice

Rice cultivation is the principal activity and the main source of income for millions of farmers in India. Farmers can choose from a wide offering of complete set of solutions for rice for its different stages in crop cycle.